Who am I - a strobist or landscaper?

Hello everyone, welcome to this place for amateur photographer learning photography. I am quite happy to share my experience and tips of landscape photography or portrait photography.


At first, please let me introduce myself. I am start learning photography at 1996 with film camera (Seagull DF200, Canon EOS 1n and Minolta X700) when I was a university student. I learn the film development and enlarge photo in darkroom. Five years ago 2009 I immigrant to Adelaide South Australia with my family - Jo and Tina. It is a huge change for me, fortunately I picked up the camera ready to shoot again. Now I am a full time Epson printer salesman and a freelancer wedding photographer, I am a part time guide of Tibet photography tours. Busy? Yes but I am enjoy it. 


Back to the topic, I am a landscape photographer and also I love strobist. I can’t give up each of them, who care?


A lot of friends ask me about how I can improve so quickly. I fellow a lot of photographer no hidden share on Internet. Like Dustin Diaz and David Hobby. In their appeal I start writing my own photography tutorials in Chinese two years ago. More than ten million page views because of the population of China. A large number of readers encourage me keep writing and sharing.

Now it is time to do something in the west world which is the most photographer share their information, which is a world speak in English. To be honest, English is the biggest challenge for us Chinese born photographer, sometimes we want to discuss but we can't write anything except great photo or V&F in 500px etc.


Anyway I will try my best to do this job and welcome your critical comments for everything - photography or English grammar, looking forward to see you again and again. Together with the intention of learning photography.


Let's get started.

My portfolio with music http://www.jamesphotography.com.au

My Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jamesyuphotography



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